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Top Choices

Top Choices

At the first Theme Category of Best in Rhodes 2020 |  Reader’s Choice Awards we vote for the best in Rhodes among popular products: Best coffee, Best ice-cream, Best cocktail, Best pizza, Best souvlaki, Best crepe, Best burger, Best desert, Best snack, Best main course, Best Brunch, Best local wine, Best local drink (except wine), Best local product (food or drink)!


During the first part of the procedure (10/01-29/01/2020), guest and local of Rhodes will vote freely on their choices for each category.

Then, the five top proposed choices in each category will be put on vote (07/02-16/02/2020) in order to have the Best in Rhodes in each category.

Voting for Phase I ends in:

Do you know which are the best in Rhodes?

Vote for the best choices in food, drinks, nightlife, health and beauty!

Guests and locals of Rhodes choose the Best in Rhodes!

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Top Choices

The Top Choices category will highlight the top choices among popular mass consumption types of food or drinks, like best coffee, best cocktail or best souvlaki in Rhodes!

Phase I starts on 10/01/2020

Drinks & Leisure

The Drinks & Leisure will highlight the top choices in cafes, bars and other venues for entertainment and leisure.

Phase I starts on 28/02/2020

Health & Beauty

The Health & Beauty will highlight the top choices in Rhodes in health, lifestyle and sports, like gyms, beauty salons, hair salons, as well the clothing and shoes sector.

Phase I starts on 17/04/2020


The Food category will highlight the top choices in the food venues like restaurants, tavernas, fast food, patisseries, e.t.c.

Phase I starts on 05/06/2020

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The below categories will follow


The Destination category will highlight the top choices on aspects of the island of Rhodes as a destination, like beaches, museums, e.t.c.

Phase I starts on 24/07/2020


The Culture category will highlight the top choices of Rhodian audience in cultural matters: music, theatre, literature.

Phase I starts on 11/09/2020


The Society category will highlight people, organization and businesses that through their exemplary actions and stance.

Phase I starts on 28/10/2020

Κορυφαίες επιλογές

Μερικές από τις κορυφαίες επιλογές στο νησί της Ρόδου, για να τις ανακαλύψετε!

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How it works?

Learn how the best in Rhodes procedure works.

The widest audience

Through a largely accessible distribution network, promotion and our communication sponsors, a large part of the guests and local of Rhodes, participates to the procedure.

A due process

Through two phases of anonymous and guarded voting procedure, you select firstly the top and then the best choices in each category!

The floor is yours

Every year, the Best in Rhodes, will be voted by you, for you!

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